Elektra slot machine

The Elektra slot game from the Marvel Slots family is truly one of the most stunning and beautifully designed online slots in the business. Based on the famous Marvel Comics character, Elektra is of course the Wild symbol, and the reels are filled with wonderful graphics of her personal items and totally lethal weapons – which swish and spin with a dramatic flourish when the animations are activated on winning paylines.

With the requisite 5 reels and 20 paylines, and a wide range of betting options to suit all player preferences, Elektra slots game is an excellent choice to play. Not only does it come with the special Weapons Bonus round, but it’s also a part of the linked Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot which is triggered totally randomly, and gives you the chance to win one of four progressive jackpots.

By far the most exciting feature in the Elektra slot game is the Weapons Bonus round, which needs just 3 scatter symbols to trigger it into explosive action. The player here has three options to choose from, different weapons, number of free games, and also multipliers – it’s good to get familiar with the paytable before you play this round so you can make the best informed choice. Elektra’s favourite colour is red, and the entire slot screen changes colour once the free spins kick off, adding an extra layer of drama and exciting to the game.

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Who is Elektra?

Elektra Slots Elektra Slots

An original creation of writer Frank Miller for Marvel Comics, Elektra is a comparative newcomer as a super hero, and first sprang to life in 1978. Her character was born in Greece and graduated to become a beautiful but extremely violent female ninja assasin. Quite mercenary by nature, yet she does have a soft side, as shown in her on/off romance with Daredevil. However she's a lot to handle, even for him! Her reputation is such that she is considered one of Marvel's most cold-blooded characters. She holds the record when it comes to body count, and is believed to have killed more bad guys than any of the other super heroes. Truly a woman not to mess with.

As with all the super heroes in the Marvel Comics, tragedy plays a key role in evolving the character. Before she was born, Elektra's parents were having problems and growing apart, her mother having constant affairs without trying to hide the evidence. Her father confided this to his son, who took it upon himself to act, which resulted in both Elektra's parents being blown up at sea. Her father survived, but her mother held on just long enough to give birth to Elektra.

Story of Elektra

Elektra Slots Elektra Slots

The father was left to bring up Elektra by himself, his son having run away, but he had no love for her, believing her to be a bastard child. When he finally confirmed that she was his own daughter by blood, his paternal love could finally be released. Everything was rosy up until the age of 9, when Elektra was kidnapped and her much-loved pet dog killed. The son came home to help rescue her and stayed briefly, teaching Elektra martial arts, which was the turning point in her life and became the trademark of her character as a super hero.

Now's your chance to play the thrilling Elektra slot game and sample some of the danger and excitement this most lethal of characters experiences on a daily basis.